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Resting, Walking and Listening to God are Absolutely Necessary for Peace: A Reflection

luizclas Although most people announce before they take a break on social media, I did it anyway, considering I was in a place of burnout from responsibilities, changes and a tumultuous thought life.

I have been at burnout several times before, but thankfully God will do whatever is necessary to get your attention and priorities back on Him: even if that means we suffer briefly until our eyes and hearts are re-focused.

God can disrupt our comfortable routine so we acknowledge our need for Jesus as Savior.

In the midst of my struggle, God graciously granted me time and a new schedule where He showed me how I would need to depend on Him.

During my time with God, I read Lecrae Morris’ autobiography Unashamed where he recounts where & how God got his attention in crisis to refine his character and faith.

I could relate to Lecrae because at the height of my burnout I was angry and sad and had lost a Godly perspective.

However, I was desperate for change (just like Lecrae) and God knew it. 

God just wanted me to work with Him and abide in Him consistently instead of working alone.

Burnout happened because I was working to please people to an unhealthy level and not walking in God’s Spirit of truth (which comes from life commitment to Christ and active daily surrender). Not only that, but God began showing me my selfish ambition (NOT faith in Him) to get ahead. 

The world subliminally gives us the message that we have to “go all out” and ‘chase down every dream we have’ at any cost.

This lie made me more lost and confused than ever. 

I thought I was working hard like I was supposed to, but in the end, for what purpose? Was I partnering with God for His vision for my life? Or was I hiding my God given talents? Ultimately it came down to this: was I willing to sacrifice my own well-being and soul that God himself gave me for the paycheck?

Ultimately, God counseled me that it was time to move in a new direction. But, I had to be willing to close my eyes (because it was scary) and walk with Him. 

What have you learned from God during a stressful or restful season? What has He been showing you?

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