The 5 Best Ways to Start Your Morning

How many days are you stumbling through work like a zombie relying on that jolt of coffee to keep you up? Do you find yourself corroborating with co-workers that if you had just gotten a wee more shut eye your mornings would feel like a dance routine out of Glee? Ok maybe you wouldn’t be that jazzed but you’d be able to stay awake at your cube.

Here’s some quick tips to help your mornings go smoother:

1. Prioritize sleep and get to bed early – Getting the proper amount of sleep (8+ hours) on a nightly basis affects how well we function in the morning. Sleep is critical for our health. It affects our ability to stay alert and learn new information, so without enough, our mental capabilities are reduced, making new tasks and detailed or manual labor much more difficult. We may feel grouchy and less able to adapt to new situations, plus we tend to overeat and gain weight when we are not well rested. Not getting enough sleep can also negatively impact heart health.


Bottom line: make a bedtime routine you can stick to. Prioritize your health and your sleep knowing that balanced rest helps you be able to work.


2. Get up 15 to 20 minutes ahead of schedule -Why? To start the morning off with God. I like eating breakfast with Him since I am seated long enough to enjoy the time, thank Him for the blessed meal and read and reflect on devotions. Devotions are helpful because they present small bits of Scripture in a succinct way that can stick with you.

 Find a devotional you like and will stick to and if breakfast is hard, pick something to eat every morning and make it right when you get up. Oatmeal, eggs, just do it! (I eat 3 eggs every morning)


3. Don’t take on big projects in the morning – Sometimes when my alarm kicks off my mind races thinking of an exhaustive to do list – I worry about the uncertainties of the day and manically start a bunch of half chores before getting dressed… Point? Don’t let your morning get hijacked so you are running around last minute trying to find the last black sock in the dryer. Remember God, and let Him guide you only to do what is important, everything else can wait.


4. Review God’s promises and your identity in Christ – Review God’s promises and what He says about you. Believing in Jesus’ death and resurrection can erase fear from your life as you can now live in intimate connection with God, relying on Him for forgiveness, grace and mercy. God’s covenant to us through Jesus, which removes our guilt and shame for acting unjustly, stands for all of time.

God is personal too; in the Bible He shows us He cares about us. Scripture says: You are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14), I love you with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3), I will never leave you or forsake you , you were not a mistake, for all your days are written in my book (Psalm 139:15-16).


5. Get to work with time to spare – In your car, prepare your heart for the day. Ask God for his help, wisdom, presence, guidance and strength. Talk / Pray about your worries and hopes and surrender to the Holy Spirit expressing your deep need for Him. Acknowledge His promise that He is always with you. Then continue to talk to Him, and trust His plans during each part of your day, He can embolden you with faith.

I hope this article helped you think about the ramifications of a good morning routine to start the day off right!

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